Concrete in Rolls

Faster, stronger, less expensive, and no cement trucks.

A New Concrete

Cortex is concrete that is applied in rolls and does not require a cement truck to install. Just unroll, hydrate in place, and Cortex becomes two times stronger than average concrete. Cortex is classified as a GCCM (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat). ASTM standardized full reports here.

Main Benefits

Cortex outperforms standard concrete in key ways.

  • 50-90% less material consumed
  • 50-90% carbon savings over traditional concrete
  • 20x faster to install (no mixing, rebar, formwork, or curing)
  • No high skill labor required
  • Over 3x the strength of traditional concrete

Performance Stats

  • Compression Strength: 7,000 psi (AMST C-109)
  • Flexural Strength: 1,500 psi (AMST C-947)
  • Punctural Resistence: 1,500 psi (AMST D-4833)
  • Packaging: 8’ x 100’ x 0.5’’
  • Ready for use in 72 hours after hydration
Patent Numbers Australia 2012332568, Canada 2854325, China ZL 2012 8 0057881.X, Europe EP2773502 (validated in BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IT, LU, MC, NL, NO, PL, SE), Israel 232388, Japan 6266522, Korea 10-18849670000, Korea 10-1986980, Mexico 359428, Singapore 11201401897S, USA 9187902, USA 9567750, USA 10167635, USA 10221569, South Africa 2014/03190, South Africa 2018/03703

Composite Layers

  • Water Soluble Material

    A water soluble fabric holds the cement in place during installation, allowing water to pass through, and eventually disintegrating.

  • Proprietary Cement Mix

    Gels when wet to lock the mix in place to allow vertical hydration, sets quickly, and produces much stronger concrete than tradition concrete.

  • 3D Reinforcement Matting

    A framework of 3D matting holds the cement and then reinforces it after installation and watering.

  • Water-Proof Membrane

    Provides 100% water-proofing, and inhibits chemicals from soil (eg. sulfate attack).

One great product, many applications.

Cortex makes all kinds of jobs easier and more cost effective.

  • Water Management:

    • Ditches & Canals,
    • Shoreline Management
  • Agriculture:

    • Canals & Ditches,
    • Pits & Ponds
  • Landfill & Waste:

    • Waste Lagoons,
    • Capping
  • Oil & Gas:

    • Pits & Ponds,
    • Ditches,
    • Secondary Containment
  • Erosion Control:

    • Embankment Walls,
    • Berms,
    • Slopes
  • Mining:

    • Ditches & Canales,
    • Leach Pads,
    • Pits & Ponds

Agriculture & Canal Lining

Cortex can be used for canal, ditch, and pond lining applications. Cortex can be used for ditches where low to high water velocities and shear forces are expected. Cortex can be used to prevent erosion along the walls of ponds and reinforce them to create a permeant watershed.

Erosion Control

Cortex can be used in water management applications for ditch lining. Cortex can be used for ditches where medium to high water velocities and shear forces are expected. Cortex can be used to prevent erosion along channels and runoff drain-ways to protect the structures from the erosive effects of flowing water.


Cortex can be used for water reservoirs and remediation ponds. Cortex can be used for a wide range of containment applications including primary and secondary containment of waste or process liquids. Cortex can prevent the contamination of ground water, rivers and streams resulting from improper containment of toxic and hazardous waste, mining heaps, composting sites and landfills.


Cortex is currently undergoing testing as a material for road construction. The installation process greatly reduces construction time, costs, and maintenance. Cortex resists the deterioration and standard weathering processes of asphalt.

Installation Process

Less Construction Times for Many Applications

Cortex’s simplified installation process minimizes construction time and requires no high skill labor. Small teams can complete projects in just days.

Step 1

Prepare Project Site

Step 2

Unroll Across Site

Step 3

Fasten Cortex and Align Seams

Step 4

Hydrate and Let Dry for 72 Hours

Ready for Use

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Cortex Shelter by Cutwork

The Cortex Shelter by Cutwork is a flat-pack, build-it-yourself, “just-add-water” refugee housing solution. It can be built in a single day and last up to 50 years – specifically designed to help overcome the critical problems of security, affordability, and sustainability that traditional refugee housing solutions fail to address. Small teams can complete projects in just days.

Learn more about the shelter here.

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